Why Tiny Houses are Popular in Califonia

It’s no secret that the tiny house movement is sweeping the nation and now there is a growing trend of Californians who are starting to search for tiny houses for sale in California. With this trend, it is easy to conclude that there are more tiny homes being built in the state every day.

With these numbers, it’s easy to see that tiny homes are trending. Daily, there are more people who are waking up and realizing that tiny house living is about more than just living in a tiny space. It is an entire philosophy.

The tiny house movement is about cleaning up the planet and no longer using more than we need. We already have too much stuff and too much space. Living in a tiny house gives you the ability to use only what you need. Nothing less, nothing more.

It is this philosophy, combined with a few other fantastic benefits, which might just make living in a tiny house one of the best housing options available.


The Benefits of Tiny Houses

  • Life without debt – When you make the switch to tiny living, you will notice an immediate decrease in how much you must spend on your own housing costs. Tiny houses for sale in California are often significantly less than a traditional home and tiny home owners are often able to pay them down sooner or just not have as much debt to worry about as they did when living in their full-size house.
  • Life without stress – Without having to worry as much about making mortgage payments, you will be able to live life with less stress and can focus on what is truly important to you. Many people take the leap into tiny living because they are fed up with all the stress that is associated with traditional living. The tiny house movement is often seen as a kick-back against a world of material excess and capitalism.
  • Life without being tied down – Tiny home owners get to enjoy the far more freedom than those who live in full-size homes. Those who live in tiny homes on a permanent foundation don’t have as many bills as regular home owners and are able to put their money towards traveling or saving for their future. Whereas, those who live in tiny homes on wheels can simply pick up and take their entire home with them no matter where they go.
  • Life with options – Living in a tiny home gives you options in life. Whether that is to be able to travel or simply being able to make conscious, earth-friendly decisions, the tiny house lifestyle provides its users the option to take control of their lives. We see countless tiny home owners who get to enjoy a more satisfying life. They often have to choices to do what they want and are not tied down to traditional living.
  • Life in harmony with the planet – With their significantly smaller size, tiny homes for sale in California are easier to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, making them, overall, a better and more sustainable housing choice.

Cost of Tiny Houses for Sale in California

It can be difficult to put an exact cost of tiny houses for sale in California. Depending on whether you are looking to buy or build, the price can be anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000.

Some contractors may offer tiny homes for as low as $30,000, but this is usually not the cost for a completed, ready-to-live-in house. You will still need to purchase furniture and finish the interior of the house on your own time.

There average cost for a completed tiny home is closer to between $70,000 and $120,000. These numbers are only meant as a guide and will vary depending on your exact situation.


Where Can I Get a Tiny House in California?

In California, you will either must build or buy your tiny house.

There are many people who have lived in their tiny home and are now looking to sell it, either simply to move into another tiny house, or because they need more space. Either way, there is a huge market out there for people looking to buy a used tiny home. The downside to buying a tiny house is that you don’t get to customize the house in the same way you do when you build it.

Building allows you to work with a team and design your tiny house to the exact picture that you have inside your head. Although this method allows for more control over the project, it will, unfortunately, take a longer time to complete than if you were to simply buy a tiny home.


Why is Hiring a Builder Better Than Looking for Used Tiny Homes for Sale in California?

When you are looking at tiny homes for sale in Calfornia, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of whether you choose option A: To build your home, or option B, to buy your tiny home. Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here we quickly go over the pros and cons of each.

  • Buying – When you buy a tiny home in California, the process will be much quicker than when building. You will not have to deal with contractors or building inspectors. You simply acquire the financing, place an offer on a tiny home that you are interested, and if the owners accept, move in. There isn’t much else to the process other than selling your existing home and finding a new one. The downside of buying a tiny house is that you will not get the chance to customize your space to your liking.
  • Building – When building a tiny home, you will have the ability to design your future home exactly to the way that you want it. You’ll have the option of how big you want to build, what building materials are used during construction and the overall design of the house. You will be able to work side-by-side with your licensed contractor which will make sure that all your needs are met and that you get a quality, solid tiny house that will last throughout the years.


What Can We Offer

At Build Tiny House, we are committed to keeping our customers satisfied 100% of the time.

We offer our customers huge promises in tiny packages. The tiny house lifestyle is not just about mobility or living mortgage-free. It is an entire philosophy. It is about making life simpler and making life easier for ourselves, those around us and for future generations. The tiny house movement is more than just living in a small house. It is about making the world a better place and preserving our delicate eco-system. At Build Tiny House we are fully on-board when it comes to sustainability.

Without needing to acquire debt or a mortgage, we also offer our clients the possibility of being able to do more of what they love in life. Living in a tiny house can also give them the ability to get out and adventure in the world around them. Those who are looking for a tiny house on wheels will also enjoy being able to move their entire life around wherever they want, whenever they want and without having to deal with real estate agents, banks or brokers.

On top of the freedom that tiny house owners have, tiny home owners also get to become part of a community filled with like-minded people focused on building a better life for themselves and making the world that much of a better, more sustainable place.

Build Tiny House offers access to fully customizable tiny houses. We are delighted to work with each one of our customers which can help to ensure that their every need is met, and they end up in the tiny house of their dreams. Our engineers and skilled staff members are dedicated to getting it right the first time. Build Tiny Home is involved in the entire process from the initial planning, all the way until the final piece of wood is nailed into place.

Our company offers magnificent and practical tiny homes across the United States. We also provide furnishings so that our clients can fully personalize their tiny house to the way they want it
Build Tiny House is also proud to announce that they have recently added the timber frame tiny house to their product range.

This allows people who are looking for tiny houses for sale in California to make choices that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Timber frame tiny houses also have great benefits such as being naturally fire-resistant and are a durable, non-toxic, natural insulator that is both flexible and functional. When building a tiny house with timber, the possibilities are almost endless.

Build Tiny House is committed to spreading the tiny house movement across the country. We want to see tiny houses popping up everywhere and are even offering delivery to anywhere in the United States for free. Be sure to check for our services in the following areas.

Laws Regarding Tiny Houses in California

By now, it should not be a surprise that the tiny house movement is taking off across the country and its spreading like a virus. Every day, there are more people who are making the switch to a tiny house due to their functionality, mobility and the fact that they only cost a fraction of what a traditional home will cost.

However, even with their popularity, many regional laws are still not caught up with the movement. Which can make it quite difficult for those looking to put a tiny home on their property. Remember that land use ordinances and property restrictions are going to vary by city and township and no two cases are going to be the same.

Yet, there are a few key factors that you will want to consider when looking placing a tiny house on your property. Always remember to take into consideration the size of the tiny house that you plan on building, the size of the existing property, whether there are other structures on the property, what type of utilities are on the property and whether the house is built on a foundation or on wheels.

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